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  1. Application for Permit for Possession and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages in a City Park

    Permit for possession and consumption of alcohol

  2. Capital Project Management Form

    Project Management Form For Directors/Supervisors

  3. Zoning Application

    Zoning Application

  1. Application for Variance to the Zoning Ordinance

    Application for Variance to the Zoning Ordinances

  2. Request for Public Records


  1. Permit Application

    Permit Application. This permit is not valid without proper payment/receipt and must have City Official approval/signature.

  1. Renewable Energy Permit Application

    Renewable Energy Permit Application. This permit is not valid without proper payment/receipt and must have City Official... More…

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  12. Photo Contest

    City Monthly Photo Contest

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  11. Nominate a "Community Champion"
  12. Public Event Request Form

    Governor Abbott issued a proclamation amending Executive order GA-28 issued June 26, 2020 relating to mass gatherings in Texas.... More…


  1. Homework Alert Form

    This form is for teachers to alert Lampasas Public Library staff to upcoming assignments that may require the acquisition of additional... More…

Police Department

  1. Digital Neighborhood Watch

    Digital Neighborhood Watch