Foster a Pet

Foster a Pet

Our Mission

To provide a safe and healthy environment for stray animals awaiting return to their homes and to help those not claimed find a new home.  We also provide education to the public regarding animal health, benefits of spay/neuter, Animal Control Laws and requirements, and general well-being of all pets.


Foster Information 

  • Fosters have a huge impact on our organization!
    • Allow us to take in animals that are most at risk, such as very young puppies/kittens and medical cases that need more care than we can provide during our regular business hours.
    • Help puppies and kittens get the best start in life by providing them with socialization during a critical period and keeping them in a healthy home environment.
    • Move dogs into a better environment while waiting for adoption and provide more space at the shelter for incoming dogs.
  • Things to consider before fostering:
    • Do you have an area in your house/apartment to house fosters? Do you have landlord restrictions?
    • How much time/availability do you have?
    • Do you have reliable transportation to bring animals to appointments and back to the shelter?
    • Fosters need compassion & dedication to helping animals find a permanent home!
    • *Basic supplies such as food, bedding, crate, etc. can be provided by LAS as available*
    • Although you would be opening your heart to some pain when the animal leaves, you would be saving a life.
  • Types of animals in need of foster:
    • Neonatal- young kittens with or without a mother. 
    • Medical Needs- animals of any age that need extra care while recovering from a medical condition.
    • Approved dogs and cats to free up space in the shelter and to give those animals a break from shelter life.
  • Neonatal program
    • Time commitment can be anywhere from 2 - 8+ weeks depending on age of puppies/kittens
    • Includes bottle babies, babies eating gruel, weaned kittens, and moms with litters.
    • Fosters for moms with litters are ESPECIALLY needed! 

Must be at least 18 years of age to be a foster. Children and teenagers in the home may help care for and interact with foster animals, but the primary foster must be over 18.

Your Next Steps  

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Complete the Application

If you are interested in becoming a Foster Care Volunteer, the next step is to complete the Foster Application.  A copy of the Foster Manual and the Foster Agreement is available for review.

Please contact our Foster care coordinator at 512-556-8586 or via e-mail at FOSTER@CITYOFLAMPASAS.COM with any questions.  Please write “Foster Care Inquiry” in your e-mail subject line.

 If you feel you are not quite ready to become a Foster Care Volunteer but would like to help support our program, please consider donating any of the following much-needed supplies:

 *Foster Amazon Wish list*

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Because of you, we are able to continue finding these animals their forever homes!! Thank you!!