Runway Information

Information Type Runway 16
Runway 34
Traffic Pattern Left Left
Runway Heading 164 magnetic, 171 true 344 magnetic, 351 true
Markings Basic Basic
Markings Condition Good Good
Latitude 31-06-42.811N 31-06-05.658N
Longitude 098-1149-.106W 098-11-42-060W
Elevation 1214.6 ft. 1157.1 ft.
Threshold Crossing Height 4 ft. AGL 40 ft. AGL
Visual Glide Path Angle 3 degrees 3 degrees
Visual Slop Indicator Pulsating / steady burning VASI on left Pulsating / steady burning VASI on left
Displaced Threshold No
Touchdown Point Yes Yes
Touchdown Elevation 1215 ft. 1155 ft.
Obstructions None None
Addition Obstruction Remarks Five-foot embankment with 10-foot brush, 50 feet north of threshold, 120 feet right of center-line