What happens if someone is in violation of this City Ordinance?

The Lampasas Police Department will attempt to locate the owner/responsible person to simply inform them of the City Ordinance violation and give them an opportunity to comply with it.  If they comply, the issue will be resolved with a warning and no further action will be taken; however, If no owner information or responsible person is known or located then after 48 hours, usually 72 hours depending on the circumstances, the vehicle is considered an abandoned vehicle in accordance with City Ordinance Chapter 34 and the Texas Transportation Code Section 683.002 and can be towed. If the owner/responsible person is contacted and they do not comply with this City Ordinance, they can be issued a Class C Misdemeanor parking citation and their vehicle/boat/trailer/RV, etc. can be towed.

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4. What happens if someone is in violation of this City Ordinance?
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