How do I reclaim my animal from the shelter?

If we have one of your animals, please let us know as soon as possible and make an appointment to come to the shelter. If you are not planning on reclaiming your animal, please fill out a surrender form so that your animal can begin looking for its’ new home. Also, failing to reclaim or surrender your dog will not relieve the owner of the fees incurred by the animal.  Animals on impound are held for three days if not wearing any identification and for five days if wearing identification (identification would include a rabies tag, a personalized tag, or a microchip). Proof of ownership is required to reclaim any animal, and a current rabies vaccination must be provided on all dogs and cats. After the Impound period is complete, the animal becomes the property of the Shelter, and the animal will undergo an adoption evaluation.  We cannot make any promises regarding the animal’s outcome and cannot call to notify you if we make the decision to euthanize the animal.

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