How do I surrender my animal?

Please understand that surrendering your pet to an animal shelter should always be a last resort.  Please understand that Staff will do their very best to make room to accept your pet but it will not be the day you call.  We have to be mindful of current space in the shelter if we want to continue on our goal of not having to euthanize animals due to overcrowding. Make sure you allow time to rehome or surrender as it will not be a same day service.  Rehoming the animal outside of the shelter would be better for the animal's mental wellbeing and is always preferred.  Animal shelters were not created to accept owned animals to rehome but rather to assist with lost/found/stray animals as a service of public safety.  The staff can give you suggestions on ways to safety rehome your pet outside of an animal shelter while you wait for space to allow us to intake or offer support/solutions to possibly help or correct the issue leading you to considering rehoming in the first place.  Animals with severe behavioral issues or bite histories will not be accepted into the adoption program.

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1. How do I surrender my animal?
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