Who do I contact when a drainage ditch is clogged or overgrown?
The Street Department is responsible for maintaining the flow of water through ditches in public right-of-ways and easements receiving storm water runoff. This system consists of inlets or catch basins, open channels and ditches, underground pipelines, and detention ponds. City crews periodically clean the banks of the drainage ditches and remove any obstacles obstructing the flow of water through the ditch.
Residents are urged not to dispose of leaves or grass clippings into open drainage systems or to place any debris in a location that would impede the flow of water into the underground system. Such action may result in serious flooding. Primarily, your responsibility is to help eliminate the amount of debris deposited in the ditches or on the ditch banks that can cause flooding. This waste can accumulate in and pollute areas adjacent to the ditches, streams, and lakes, diminishing their aesthetic value.

In the event of flooding due to blockage of the storm drains system or the drain is overgrown and needs repair, residents may call the Public Works Secretary between 7:00am and 4:00pm, Monday - Friday at (512) 556-8315. In the event of a flooding emergency at any other time, call (512) 556-6235 at the Police Department.

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