Does someone have to be at the location for utilities to be connected?
Yes, LPU does require someone to be at the location to ensure that nothing is on at the house. If no one is at the location, and the water meter indicates usage, the meter reader will turn the water back off. Please contact the utility office at 512-556-3641 or, after hours, the police department at 512-556-6235 if you have a problem with your utilities.

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1. How much does it cost to connect utilities?
2. Do I have to put up deposits if I have had service before?
3. Do you accept letters of credit in lieu of deposits?
4. What are your hours?
5. Can I connect my utilities over the phone?
6. Can I pay my bill with a credit card?
7. Does the utility office accept check payments over the phone?
8. Can I process my paperwork at the drive-through window?
9. If I am out of town and cannot make it into City Hall, can I send someone in with my information to do my connect for me?
10. I have moved out, how do I get my name off a joint account?
11. I have recently gotten married, how do I get my name changed on my account?
12. I have recently gotten divorced. How do I get the account changed to reflect the divorce decree?
13. I have already moved out of town and need my utilities cut off, can I request this service over the telephone?
14. Can my deposits be billed on my first bill?
15. What happens to my deposit on my account when I disconnect service?
16. Do I have to put up a new deposit to transfer my utilities?
17. Do you have a plan where you can average your bill?
18. Can I put the utilities in my name for someone else?
19. My account was turned off for non-pay, is there some place where I can pay in the evening to get my utilities reconnected?
20. Does someone have to be at the location for utilities to be connected?
21. Does the LPU give letters of credit to customers or other utilities?
22. Can I have utilities on at two locations at the same time?
23. I think I still owe money on an old bill. Can you tell me how much I owe?
24. Do I have to pay to transfer my utilities within the service area?
25. Does LPU give discounts to senior citizens or to persons that are disabled?
26. What can I do if I think my meter has been misread?
27. Does LPU offer any type of payment plan?
28. What is the sewer rate based upon?