Sculpture Garden


Hanna Springs Sculpture Garden is located in Campbell Park in Lampasas, Texas. The park itself is owned by the City of Lampasas.

The idea of a sculpture garden was inspired by local artist Nancy Gray. The project/garden was dedicated on July 8, 2005. In September 2005, under the direction of Ms. Gray, with support from the community, and with stone provided by Bill Mezger, three Artists carved their sculpture on site; David Hickman's "Portal to the Springs", Carolann Haggard's "Lampasas Furniture" and TJ Mabrey's "IV Florae for Flora", which are the foundation pieces of their garden.

This project has been embraced by the community, and additional sculptures has been purchased (via donations) or donated (by artists) to the park. LAFTA currently has a total of 24 permanent pieces of sculpture in the garden and around Lampasas. There will be 5 new sculptures added to the park on September 16, 2022. There are normally 5 to 6 pieces that are placed in the park for one year under a contract with the artist.

Permanent Sculptures in the Park

"Match Pair" by Dan Pogue

Photo Credit: Monica Wright

"Migration 1" by Pascale M. Pryor- Photo Credit:Meghan James - 17

'Current' by Jennifer Cannon - 2017 Photo Credit: Amanda Eves

"Bird in Flight" by Laura Sturtz

"Red Fish" by Laura Sturtz

"Sentinel" by Glory Hartsfield

"Kudu" by Dan Pogue

"Metamorphosis" by Peter Mangan

"Been Fish'en" by Joe Barrington - 2010 Photo Credit: Jordan Cummings

'Meadow Dancers' by David Hickman- 2006: Photo CredMeghan James

'Cube' by Judith McGinty and Chris Oldham

Fun Flowers XL by Delbert Beckham  Located at the Lampasas Chamber Installed 2009 Painted Metal

"Bird Ladder" by Jerry Dodd

"Queen Chroma" by Tim Glover

"Zen" by Scott Shubin

"Offer" by Scott Trent

"El Rey" by Timothy Glover - 2017: Photo Credit Jordan Cummings

"Kudu" by Dan Pogue Photo Credit:Jordan Cummings

'Music To My Ears' by Terry Jones Dedicated to Reid Schaub - Installed 2016

IMG-Jordan Cummings

horse-Jordan Cummings


'Pegasus' by Carolann Haggard - 2010 Photo Creds:Jordan Cummings

Tractor Collaboratively painted by the community 2016

'Portal to the Springs' by David Hickman 2005

'Music To My Ears' by Terry Jones - Dedicated to Reid Schaub -Installed 2016

'Starburst' by LaPaso- 2009

Bird Totem by Terrell Powell  2011

Barn Martian by Dave Speer

Gemini by Michelle O'Michael

Waterfall 2 by Pascale Pryor

Beoming the Coincidentak Replacement by Danville Chadbourne

Angelos Esiodos by Dan Pogue

Glee by Cindy Debold

Rustle by Jim Huntington 2009

Lampasas Furniture by Carolann Haggard 2005

IV Florae for Flora by TJ Mabrey 2005

Meadow Dancers by David Hickman 2006

'El Rey' by Timothy Glover of Houston TX

We Will Spread We Will Cover The Earth Like Air and Water by nic Noblique 2014

Current by Jennifer Cannon donated by the Artist

Lampasas Lily by Larry Hullum 2011