Animal Adoption/Reclaim

Owner Surrender, Reclaim, and Adoption

The Lampasas Animal Shelter serves as a care and impoundment facility for all stray and misplaced animals in Lampasas City and County. Our number one goal is to get all animals home safely, and to find new loving homes for those animals not reclaimed. We work closely with over 100 rescue groups across the United States to assist us in finding new homes the animals left in our care.

To Surrender

Citizens in the City of Lampasas or Lampasas County may surrender any animal that they can no longer keep in their possession. There is no fee to surrender an animal; we just ask that you bring all medical records for that animal with you. Please keep in mind that all dogs and cats over 16 weeks of age are required to have a current rabies vaccination at all times. If your animal is not current on its’ Rabies Vaccination, we strongly recommend having that done before you bring the animal in. All livestock must be approved by the Shelter Supervisor before it can be surrendered. The owner of the animal must bring the animal in to sign the surrender form, and must be over the age of eighteen. Once you surrender the animal, it will become the property of the Shelter and will undergo an adoption evaluation. We cannot make any promises regarding the animal’s outcome and cannot call to notify you if we make the decision to euthanize the animal.

To Reclaim

If we have one of your animals, please let us know as soon as possible. If you are not planning on reclaiming your animal, please come by and fill out a surrender form so that your animal can begin looking for its’ new home. Animals on impound are held for three days if not wearing any identification and for five days if wearing identification (identification would include a rabies tag, a personalized tag, or a microchip). Proof of ownership is required to reclaim any animal, and a current rabies vaccination must be provided on all dogs and cats. After the Impound period is complete, the animal becomes the property of the Shelter, and the animal will undergo an adoption evaluation.

To Adopt

All adopters must complete an adoption application before they will be allowed to meet any of our animals. We do not allow the general public into our kennel except during special events. This is to limit the spread of disease and allow us to have healthier animals available for adoption.We cannot guarantee the health of any animals we have available for adoption. We do not have a Veterinarian on staff, but we are trained to watch for signs of illness. We will be completely honest with any illness or behavior issues we notice in any of the animals we have up for adoption. We will also try our best to explain the breed’s activity levels to ensure that this animal is a good fit for your lifestyle. All dogs available for adoption will have age appropriate distemper/parvo vaccinations, Bordetella vaccinations if old enough, general deworming, and will be treated for fleas and ticks. Our dogs have not been tested for heartworms. Rabies Vaccinations are required to be done within seven days of adoption, and they spay /neuter is required to be done within thirty days of adoption. Both are at the expense of the adopter. All cats are given age appropriate distemper vaccinations, general deworming, and are treated for earmites, fleas and ticks. Our cats have not been tested for Feline Leukemia or Feline AIDS virus. Rabies Vaccinations are required to be done within seven days of adoption, and the spay /neuter is required to be done within thirty days of adoption. Both are at the expense of the adopter.

Adoption Evaluation

Once an animal has completed its impound time or is surrendered by its’ owner, it will be placed up for adoption, sent to one of our rescue partners, or will be humanely euthanized if animal does not meet adoption criteria (adoption criteria can be found in our FAQ section). In balancing the welfare of the animals with our responsibility to the public we recognize that not all animals are suitable for placement. When the difficult decision is made to end an animal’s life, we perform compassionate euthanasia.