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Photo Contest

Photo Contest

Hit Us With Your Best Shot! Enter Your Photo Here!

About the Contest:

The City of Lampasas is holding a photo contest from April 1 to May 1, 2017 for the purpose of promoting Lampasas. Contestants will have a chance to showcase their photography and win bragging rights. Photos chosen by City of Lampasas staff will be displayed on the City of Lampasas and/or Economic Development website, social media pages, and marketing brochures.  Photo credits will be given to the photographer unless otherwise noted as well as notified by the email provided to the City of Lampasas.

What types of photos qualify?  Who may submit a photo?

The City of Lampasas is looking for photos that will showcase Lampasas and the beautiful community that we live in!  This contest is open to all photographers of all ages, genders, affiliations, creeds, religions, and nations who have taken photographs while in Lampasas County or the City. Contestants must be the photographer who actually took the photo; no one may submit work taken by another. Contestants will have chance to showcase their own photographic skills and will have ‘bragging rights’ for having been selected by the City to showcase their work.  All photos submitted and used on the City’s website will be credited with photographer’s name, unless the photographer specifically requests that their name/identity not be used.   Photos will be used on the City of Lampasas website and/or the Lampasas Economic Development website, as well as social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), which sites are linked to both the City and EDC. 

Recommended Subject Matter

In order to be considered, the photographer must certify that the photo was taken inside Lampasas County or City limits. People, Activities, Parks, Pools, Buildings, Landscapes, Culture, Art, Nature and Animals. (If the photograph depicts a person in such detail as to be recognizable, then all persons shown must also sign written releases that provide the City with permission to display their likenesses on the City Website and on related (linked) Social Media sites.

The City reserves the right to reject any submitted photograph or image that does not reflect a image of the Lampasas community and County that is in keeping with the mission and morals of the City and County, that depicts any unwholesome or disparaging image or that is otherwise not appropriate for public dissemination in the sole discretion of the City and the contest judges. 

Size & Quality

  • Images should be at least 2200 pixels wide (or 1MB in size)
  • Non-manipulated imagery
  • File Types: JPEG, TIFF, PSD, PNG (GIF format is not allowed)
  • Resolution: 72 dpi or higher
  • Color Mode: RGB or CMYK


The City of Lampasas reserves the right to publish, duplicate and use any images provided and submitted as entries in its Website photo contest, either in print and/or electronically, for non-commercial purposes, to promote the City of Lampasas.  Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, all contestants agree that their submissions may be published on the City of Lampasas website and/or the Lampasas Economic Development website, as well as related social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn) linked to both the City and EDC to promote the City of Lampasas.  All photos submitted will be credited with contestant’s name, unless otherwise specifically requested by the submitter.  (The City will not be liable for any inadvertent release of a submitter’s identity.) 

By submitting a photograph to the City, a Contestant confirms that his or her entry and the publication thereof does not violate the copyright laws of the US or any other jurisdiction.  Contestant further acknowledges that s/he has provided and will provide if requested by the City copies of written permission (e.g., signed releases) from any recognizable model(s) or other persons appearing in the photograph and is able to grant to the City of Lampasas the unlimited right to publish the submitted photographic submission on-line and in print media and, further, that all such models grant to City of Lampasas such rights. Once submitted, the media and copies will not be returned and become the property of the City of Lampasas.  Further, the City of Lampasas has no responsibility for liability for any submission that is misdirected or lost.  This contest is open to all photographers of all ages, genders, affiliations, creeds, religions, and nations who have taken photographs while in Lampasas County or the City. The winners of each Monthly contest will be notified by email, at the email address provided on the entry form included with each photographic submission.  

By entering a photo in the City’s Website contest, each submitter  agrees to release, hold harmless and indemnity the City of Lampasas, its employees, officers, agents, sponsors, elected officials, and representatives from any and all claims or causes actions that are in any manner related to the submission and subsequent use, display or publication of the submitted photographs and images.  Except where specifically requested in writing to the City, all submitters consent to the use of the submitted photographs, their personal names and the name of their companies, if any are identified with the submission. 

By entering the contest, each photographer agrees to be bound by the above rules and to accept, as final and uncontested, all decisions of the persons who judge and select the winners of each months’ contest. Neither City, any of its representatives or officers, employees, or the sponsors of the monthly contests shall  be liable for: 1) any omission, loss, damage, delay, illegibility, alteration of, or unauthorized use or access to any image or photo that is submitted to the City as an entry; 2) any erroneous, garbled, interrupted, misdirected or failed transmissions of information or an image or photograph; 3) any loss or injury to person or property (including the equipment, systems or data of entrants or others) participating in the contest or visiting any of its related websites, whether due to technical problems or human error.

The City reserves the right to reject any submission and/or to disqualify anyone who, has tampered with or disrupted the entry process or operation of the contest or violated any rule of the City related to the Contest.   Any attempt to damage any website or disrupt this contest may violate both criminal and civil laws and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of such laws.  If the contest cannot be held and completed as scheduled or as planned, for any reason, including computer viruses, lack of contest entries, tampering, technical or other problems which damage the operation or integrity of the activity, the ‘’ website reserves the right to cancel, curtail, modify or suspend the contest temporarily or permanently at the sole discretion of the City.

This offer is void where prohibited by law. No purchase necessary to enter.

City of Lampasas, Texas